Easy Garage Maintenance

garage doors maintenance

garage doors maintenanceSummertime is the perfect time to do a little maintenance on the garage.

  • Oil the rails on the garage door with a lubricant (such as WD-40) to make sure it runs smoothly.
  • Clear any spider webs from the electronic eye on the garage door.
  • If you need a new garage door, contact Aurora Overhead Doors for a quote.
  • If you use extension cords to connect your garage door power, consider having a receptacle installed in the ceiling. Extension cords are really only safe for temporary use.
  • Improve your lighting. Ask us about T8 fluorescent bulbs. They stand up to cold temperatures and provide lots of light.

Keep your things and your family safe. Change the code on your garage door periodically.

Also, kids are in an out of the garage this time of year looking for their toys and sports equipment, or even playing hide-and-go seek. Make sure dangerous tools and chemicals are locked away in cabinets and their toys are on low shelves or hanging on hooks within easy reach.

Any questions? Give us a call.


How to prevent garage and car doors from freezing

avoid frozen car locks

avoid frozen car locksIt’s a bitter cold day and you’re running late for work when you discover your garage door is frozen shut. In your haste, you’re forced to tug at the door manually, which aside from being hard work can actually damage the door’s rubber seal.

We specialize in garage storage, not garage doors, but this much we know: the solution to a frozen garage door is prevention.

Keep the area where your garage door meets your garage floor completely clear of snow and ice.  Sprinkle a little table salt over the entire length of this meeting point to prevent the rubber seal from freezing to the ground in the event any moisture freezes over. One treatment won’t last all winter, so store a tub of table salt in your garage for easy access, and reapply salt from time to time.

While we’re on the subject of frozen doors, you may also want to spray your car doors and trunk hinges with WD-40. Using the WD-40 straw, give the locks a liberal dose, too. Reapply periodically. While this will minimize chances of freezing, it’s no guarantee, so keep a small bottle of de-icer on you at all times.

Best of luck!

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