Green your Garage Transformation

insulated garageWhen you’re transforming your garage into the space you’ve always wanted it to be, there can be more to think about than shelving, cabinets and flooring.  Think energy efficiency when thinking about ways to make your garage green.

Many houses have rooms directly above the garage, and if the garage ceiling is not properly insulated,  the room and the room floor can be cold.

There are other ways you can make your garage more environmentally friendly:

Energy efficient lighting

Often a garage was built with just a single bulb.  If you’re planning on doing anything in your garage other than parking your vehicle, this isn’t enough.  As part of a Nuvo Garage transformation, we install fluorescent lighting as an energy efficient solution which also makes your garage a comfortable place to work and maintain.


Use BEHR paint with less than fifty VOC (Volatile organic compounds) which also have freeze and thaw capability.  And, while an insulated garage is ideal for lower overall home utility costs and more comfortable connecting rooms, if your garage isn’t insulated, this particular paint won’t crack with the weather extremes.          


The flooring we use are also green, using low VOC while being mold resistant, easy to clean with a long lasting finish.

Garage doors

Many garage doors and windows let the heat out.  By instalingl energy efficient doors and windows, your heating costs go down and your garage is a more comfortable room to work in.  I refer people to Aurora Overhead Doors, a company that does a great job.

In with the old

If a customer has things that are re-useable, I’ll use them.  One customer had a Rubbermaid cabinet he was happy with, so rather than sell him a new one, we incorporated it into his storage plan.

Insulated light switches and outlets:

Use switches with foam gaskets that insulate and help secure the connection between the house and the garage.

Finishing details

Caulk between the walls and the floor.  Over time and seasons, the connection can expand and contract, leaving gaps where heat can escape.  Caulking improves the insulation factor while providing a pleasant finish to the garage space.



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