Get ready for gardening season

Spring has been a little slow arriving this year, but it’s still time to think about getting the garden ready for warmer days ahead. And that means making sure all your tools are organized and within easy reach in your garage.

storeWALL universal hook with Camlok(TM)Last month we talked about bringing spring and summer items to the front and storing away winter gear. It’s easy to organize your tools using our slatwall system. And camlocks on our hooks easily release from the wall and then lock back in place.  Regular hooks need to be screwed into the wall and can come loose with use. The camlock locks in tight and stays in place even with heavy items.

Here’s how to properly store your gardening tools:

  • Your lawn mower, weed eater and edger should be in one area with an extension cord nearby
  • storeWALL universal heavy duty hook with camlokStore gardening gloves, trowels and pruners together in a basket so you’ll always know where they are
  • Hang tools such as shovels and edgers with the sharp side towards the wall. Make sure rakes and hoes are stored with the tines toward the wall. You don’t want to risk injuring yourself or scratching your car. The hooks we install are all covered in a rubberized coating to prevent scratches.

With some careful arranging, you can even make a space in the garage to put a potting bench or small work area for rainy days. Talk to us about ways to create tiered storage to give you even more space in your garage.



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