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A Locker

3 car garage, aurora - golf locker, garage cabinets lockable, overhead storage, electrical panelEllen G was desperate. Her son was a sports fanatic but an untidy – and in her words “smelly” – sportsman stemming from all the equipment that he used, including:

  • hockey sticks,
  • skates,
  • helmets, and
  • pads.

As well as football gear including:

  • yet another helmet,
  • more pads, and
  • another complete outfit.

He also kept

  • tennis rackets, and
  • basketballs

(Thank goodness the basketball hoop was outside the house).

Ellen G finally had to let her son use the spare room as “his locker” but the more space he had the more “stuff” he accumulated and the worse the mess got.

Finally Ellen G stand it no longer. She contacted us and within 3 days we had everything off the floors and on the walls – everything was visible and easy to have access to.

Although her son was at first furious with his mother for touching his stuff, when he saw how much more space he had – he had a change of heart without having to have a change of habits.


  1. Rick from NuvoGarage says

    Absolutely Elizabeth. Let’s start by learning a little about your shed:
    What size is it? (length, width, height)
    What is it made of?
    What do you store in it?

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