Does chaos lurk behind the doors of your garage cabinets?

In our last post, we pointed you to online stores that sell organizational solutions. Boxes, containers and bins, oh my. The assortment is so extensive, it’s almost hard to excuse a disorganized home or garage!

At Nuvo Garage, we specialize in custom floor and wall cabinets, among other things. While our cabinets can certainly bring order to your garage, there’s plenty of opportunity for chaos behind closed doors. Use the solutions you find online to keep awkward items, including the following, neatly arranged on your cabinet shelves:

  • screws, washers, nuts and bolts
  • paint brushes and other paint supplies
  • sandpaper and small tools
  • string, rope and bungee cords
  • hose and sprinkler attachments
  • golf balls and tennis balls – every garage has some!

While labelling will help you quickly find what you’re looking for, you can skip this step by opting for clear containers to begin with. Don’t have any garage cabinets to organize? Check out our products page to find out what you’re missing.

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