Bicycle Storage & Bike Racks

bike storage solutions - slatwall hooks, bicycle wall rack, custom overhead2 bike horizontal bike storage close up

When designing a storage solution for a garage, we often start with bike storage solutions because bicycles take up a lot of space.

The first thing we find out is what the clients want the bike storage to do for them. Most people want their bikes stored for the winter but want easy access to them during the spring and summer months.

To store the bikes over the winter, we try to get the bikes out-of-the-way to allow for cars to park in the garage. Typically, we store them vertically on the back wall off the front tire as they take up only about three feet of space, with two feet in between for the handlebars.

2 bike horizontal pole storage

2 bike ceiling mounted bike vertical position

Hanging them from the ceiling is also an option we like to consider, but this storage solution requires at least 11 foot ceilings. We aim to have at least 6.5 feet of clearance from the floor to allow for movement throughout the garage without having to worry about hitting your head or the top of a vehicle.

One relatively inexpensive storage solution which works year-round is an automated bike lift on a pulley that raises the bikes to the ceiling and can accommodate up to five bikes.

Storing bikes horizontally is an option, if space allows. This solution works best for racing bikes and men’s bikes because the square frame sports a horizontal bar running parallel to the ground. For many moutnain bikes, suspension bikes and women’s bikes, the frame is angular which makes it more difficult to store because it will also hang on an angle and this makes it a little less secure.

For storage during the warmer months, many people choose to park one car on the driveway and leave one bay open. In this case, a simple schoolyard bike rack in the bay is an effective solution. When the kids come home they can easily ride their bikes up and roll the front tire right into the rack. The garage remains well-organized while the bikes become easily accessible.

It’s not as realistic to expect children to put their bikes on a wall rack every time he or she comes home. It does need more effort to lift a bike and hang it on the wall. Since this is not nearly as simple as rolling a bike into a floor standing bike rack, the wall racks make for a better winter storage solution for the bikes.

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If it’s important that two cars be parked in the garage during bike season, we offer custom solutions to make both the cars and the bikes accessible. However, for anyone with kids, we all know they just don’t take the time to put their bikes away properly if it’s more complicated than a bike rack.