We understand that you have specific needs.


A combination of slatwall, and custom designed hooks, baskets and shelves, allow for organizational adjustments as your needs, or the seasons, change.


Hooks and baskets are locked in place so that they do not shift when stored items are removed.


All the materials are water resistant – so just hose and wipe down.

Garage Wall Organization Systems

garage wall organization systemsMost garages have some form of wall organization panel or system. It may be as simple as something leaning against a wall, tucked between wood wall studs, or hung on a nail. Each method, however, is somewhat unsatisfactory as everything is stored randomly and not necessarily safely. To solve this, we recommend installing pvc slatwall with lockable storage accessories as the basics for a wall organization system.

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Garage Cabinets

garage cabinetsGarage cabinets are an ideal solution for people who don’t want everything they own on display. As well, they offer safety for small children or pets as cabinets protect them from having access to things like sharp tools and toxic chemicals.

As you weigh your cabinet options, the most important consideration is the material used to manufacture it and the strength it offers the garage cabinet to store heavy items. The materials used will affect how secure the cabinet and how much weight it can bear on its shelves and in the drawers. Some “big box” stores sell plastic cabinets and even some made of steel. While probably less expensive, the price tag often reflects their respective strength and flexibility.

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Garage Flooring

garage flooringWhen I meet with potential customers, I find that many of them will have considered shelving, cabinets, overhead racks and hooks, but a new flooring system is not something they’ve typically thought about.

There are a number of reasons why durable garage flooring is key part of a long-lasting garage storage system. Concrete floors are vulnerable to degradation caused by the elements including salt and oil. As a result, concrete floors often become pitted, which is not only unsightly, but generates dust causing the concrete to become more difficult to keep clean and maintain.

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Overhead Storage & Platform

overhead garage storage & platformsGarage height is typically the most under utilized area for storage in the garage. And, using the available height is perfect for storing infrequently used or seasonal items. They offer discreet storage of everything from winter tires, large garbage bins, camping gear, storage containers, car seats, seasonal furniture and even a convertible car top.

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Exotic Car Enthusiasts

exotic car enthusiastsIf you have three vehicles but only a two car garage, what do you do with the other car?

Off-site storage is one option, but it’s not ideal, especially since you want convenient access to your sports car or rarely used vintage automobile. Leaving a car on the driveway makes it vulnerable to theft, vandalism and the elements.

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