Garage Wall Organization Systems

slatwall - shelves, baskets, hooksMost garages have some form of wall organization panel or system. It may be as simple as something leaning against a wall, tucked between wood wall studs, or hung on a nail. Each method, however, is somewhat unsatisfactory as everything is stored randomly and not necessarily safely. To solve this, we recommend installing pvc slatwall with lockable storage accessories as the basics for a wall organization system.

A garage wall organizer panel system offers various ways to store bicycles, sports equipment, gardening tools and other outdoor gear in the garage, making everything easier to find. With a combination of shelving, locks, baskets and other accessories, garage wall organization systems can accomodate a wide variety of family lifestyle needs.

Slatwall Panels

slatwall wall organization systems - panels by Handiwall™Slatwall is waterproof and resistant to mold and mildew, and engineered to meet heavy duty industry standards which makes them extremely strong. It comes in panels 1ft x 8ft large and it is available in 5 colours. The slatwall is secured to the wall by attaching it into the wall studs. Where studs are not available, building a frame using wood studs for the garage wall and then attaching the slatwall to the frame is the way to create an effective solution.

The basis of our system is Handiwall™ or storWall™ Slatwall panels. We can start with a few pieces on your wall to hold hooks and baskets then add on or expand as necessary. Whether we install slatwall from floor to ceiling or as needed depends on the aesthetics as well as organizational objectives of the project. Often, a floor to ceiling installation of slatwall is applied as an aesthetic feature to make the garage feel like an extension to your home, by matching it to the look and feel of other rooms in the house.


slatwall wall organization shelves, shelvingWe can customize shelving to organize anything you want to store. Our PVC shelves are 8 feet long available in three depths which can be cut to any length. Because they are waterproof, they are easy to wipe clean. The shelves are supported by brackets that use the Camlok™ mechanisms for locking them into place on the slatwall panel. This assures your family’s safety while being able to support heavier storage items.

Selecting the location and amount of slatwall to be used will depend on a number of factors including how you use the garage for your vehicle, the amount that you need to store and organize; as well as your aesthetic priorities vis-a-vis your budget.

Product Information: Slatwall Shelves

HeavyDuty PVC shelves can be cut to any length up to 8 feet long. The shelves are waterproof and available in 5″, 10″, or 15″ depths. Color is integral; you never have to paint. They easly wipe clean. Shelf brackets include the storeWALL™ CamLok™ to ensure the shelf stays where you want it.

shelf sample Storage Systems

Shelf Dimensions

shelf 5 Storage Systems5″ Shelf
Perfect for organizing your spray cans and bottles, hand tools and other items that need to be within arms length. (end caps sold separately)

shelf 10 Storage Systems10″ Shelf
A great option for tools, cleaners and other supplies. Customize a shelving solution that fits Your needs! (end caps and Heavy Duty brackets sold separately)

shelf 15 Storage Systems15″ Shelf
Store and support large, bulky items. Great for gallon jugs and bottles, larger tools and supplies, and anything else that requires a larger shelf. (end caps and Heavy Duty brackets sold separately)

Lockable Hooks

slatwall - wall organizers, grey, drywall, hooks, garden toolsA strong slatwall organization system isn’t any good without the proper accessories. We use specialized hooks from storWALL™ that use a mechanism called CamLok™. The CamLok™ mechanism firmly locks to the slatwall so that when you’re lifting off a piece of equipment, the hook doesn’t come with it. This not only makes it safer but also allows you flexibilty to move your hooks without using screw as your storage needs, lifestyle or seasons change.

The hooks come in many different sizes to accommodate anything and everything you would want to store. Anything with a hook or hanging loop can be hung.

For larger items like leaf blowers, ladders and other heavy tools, they can be kept on cradle hooks designed to support heavy items of all kinds. Yard tools, hand tools and sports equipment fit on one of two sizes of Universal Hooks. Specialty hooks for bike storage will hold any size bicycle or tricycle. For tools with long handles, the Heavy Duty Tool Hook will store multiple long handled tools in a single location.

Product Information: Lockable Hooks

Hooks should be designed with strength and safety in mind. Every storeWALL™ Activity hook includes the patent pending CamLok™. This awesome little mechanism will keep your activity hooks stay on the wall when tools are removed providing for a safer environment in your garage.

  • Patent Pending CamLok™ System secures hook to the slatwall
  • Backplate specially designed with heavy steel stamping so as not to bend and keep your stuff in place
  • Superior Construction hook is wire welded in eight places to the back plate for superior strength
  • Powder coated and protected with a ‘Soft Touch’ coating
  • Lifetime warranty

hooks cradle Storage Systems Cradle Hook

Holds everything from folding garden utility carts to axes and sledge hammers.

hooks universalHD Storage Systems Heavy Duty Universal Hook

Larger version of the Universal Hook, designed to handle larger tools and implements.

hooks universal Storage Systems Universal Hook

Versatile design creates unlimited storage uses for this essential garage organizer. Ideal for yard tools, hand tools, sports equipment and much, much more.

hooks cradleHD Storage Systems Heavy Duty Cradle Hook

Heavy Duty construction for big storage problems – like big leaf blowers, ladders, heavy tools, etc

hooks bike Storage Systems Bike Hook

Simple vertical design takes less wall space. Designed to hold any size bike or trike.

hooks tools Storage Systems Heavy Duty Tool Hook

Holds multiple long handled tools in one place.

hooks s Storage Systems “S” Hook

Innovative, weight activated friction grip locks tools securely in place. Keeps often used tools like push brooms handy. Heavy Duty enough to hold sledge hammers.

hooks utilityHD Storage Systems Heavy Duty Utility Hook

Unique design for difficult storage problems. Ideal solution for ladders and garden hoses of any size.

Lockable Baskets

Baskets are recommended for storing items such as balls, fertilizers, bottles, and car cleaning supplies. The design allows you to see what’s in the basket and provides a place where everything can be easily found. There are 2 sizes. Each basket size is 24in. wide x 9in deep, but one is 5in. high and the other is 9in. high.

Baskets offer a handy garage storage solution for sports enthusiasts, gardeners and car enthusiasts alike.

Product Information: Lockable Baskets

All feature the exclusive CamLok™. All baskets and racks, deep and shallow, have greater width and depth than conventional baskets. They’re built of industrial strength steel and receive a grade 1 industrial powder coat finish to resist dents and dings.

baskets04 Storage Systems

Basket Options

baskets02 Storage SystemsShallow Basket
Versatile storage idea for anything from tools to supplies. CamLok™ equipped to ensure your stuff stays put!
Dimensions 5.25″ H x 24″ W x 12″ D

baskets01 Storage SystemsDeep basket
Heavy Duty, deep pocket, ventilated basket keeps wanted items close and harmful items out of children’s reach. CamLok™ equipped.
Dimensions 9.5″ H x 24″ W x 12″ D

baskets03 Storage SystemsShoe Shelf
Largest shoe shelf available for storeWALL! Design provides support for the heaviest shoes and boots. CamLok™ equipped.
Dimensions 7.75″ H x 30″ W x 14″ D

Product Information: Specialty Storage Units

units04 Storage Systems Gardening Unit

Store multiple tools and includes removable basket
Dimensions: 12” H x 24” W x 12” D

units02 Storage Systems Golf Unit

Store 2 sets of golf clubs and 2 pair of shoes
Includes basket for loose accessories like balls, tees, divot repair tools, gloves and tees
Dimensions: 20” H x 20” W x 12” D

units01 Storage Systems Racquet Unit

Store multiple racquets and racquet types
Includes space for tennis balls or even hockey pucks
Dimesions: : 6” H x 9” W x 10” D

units03 Storage Systems Sports Unit

Store multiple balls (basketballs, footballs, soccer balls)
Dimesions: 20” H x 26” W x 16” D

units01 Storage Systems Bicycle Unit

Store 1 bicycle and safety elements like helmet and knee pads
Dimensions: 6” H x 20” W x 14” D



When you take the time to finish your garage walls properly you not only start with a clean foundation on which to build your organizing solutions, you also:

  • Protect your garage from moisture and mildew;
  • Give yourself the maximum flexibility for when your storage needs evolve; and
  • Make maintenance easily with wipe-clean surfaces.

Slatwall is one of our product of choice and serves as the foundation for garage organization.

Complete Versatility: Add On and Expand

walls Wall OrganizersThe patented product panels accept accessories from storeWALL™ and a variety from other manufacturers. This allows you to easily add more storage when you need it.

Incredibly Strong and Rugged

samples Wall OrganizersThe wall panels are extruded of industrial grade thermoplastic in panels 15’’ high x 8’ long. A patented tongue and groove allows for seamless installation. Although there is other slatwall on the market, NONE compare to the strength, durability, and versatility of storeWALL™.

Beautiful Solid Core Colours and Wood Grains

storeWALL™ is available in three SOLID CORE designer colors and two beautiful SOLID CORE wood grains. You’ll never paint again. The panels are dint and stain resistant and wipe clean in seconds.

Completely Waterproof and Mildew Proof

clean Wall OrganizersUnlike conventional particle board and MDF slatwall, storeWALL™ is molded of a thermoplastic. In addition to being rugged, it is waterproof and mildew proof. The panels are designed to withstand tough abuse.

Exclusive Lifetime Warranty

trims Wall OrganizersstoreWALL™ designed to last a lifetime, and the warranty is designed to give you peace of mind.

Heavy Duty Trim

storeWALL™ Heavy Duty™ Trim is durable enough to absorb years of impact without shattering, and versatile enough to tackle the toughest detail challenges.

It’s available in three profiles in each panel colour to help provide the perfect finishing touch. Each trim profile (Flat (#3), Small L (#4), Large L (#2)) includes SpeedBond™ acrylic peel and stick adhesive(#1) for a fast and lasting bond.

Heavy Duty™ Screws

Specially designed screws, colour matched to each panel colour, are used to install storeWALL™ panels to wood or metal studs, concrete block or poured concrete walls.