Overhead Garage Storage & Platforms

Garage height is typically the most under utilized area for storage in the garage. And, using the available height is perfect for storing infrequently used or seasonal items. They offer discreet storage of everything from winter tires, large garbage bins, camping gear, storage containers, car seats, seasonal furniture and even a convertible car top.

overhead storage platform, slatwall organizer, recycle bin, central vacuum cleanerNuvo Garage can create two types of overhead storage that will give you more storage capacity: metal storage units and wood platforms. Both options allow you to take better advantage of the height in your garage.

Metal storage units are made of durable steel with a scratch resistant finish. They are available in a few different sizes with the largest units supporting up to 700lbs.

The units are secured by bolting them to the joists of either finished and unfinished ceilings allowing the storage platform to hang up to a few feet below the ceiling. These storage units even come with a lifetime warranty.

Overhead Storage Solution – HyLOFT™

HyLoft™ ceiling storage units are great those hard to store items, or items that are used infrequently. They are ideal for storing holiday decorations, luggage, coolers and other large bulky items like snow tires.


  • Attractive, scratch resistant finish
  • Made of strong, durable steel
  • Multiple units easily connect to maximize storage
  • Can be installed on finished or unfinished ceilings
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 3 Sizes with adjustable heights
48” Wide x 96” Deep

Adjustable in height from 24” to 32”. Storage capacity of almost 80 cubic feet. Holds up to 500lbs.

45″ Wide x 60″ Deep

Adjustable in height from 24” to 32”. Storage capacity of over 40 cubic feet. Holds up to 250lbs.

48″ Wide x 48″ Deep

Adjustable in height from 24″ to 32″. Storage capacity of over 30 cubic feet. Holds up to 250 lbs.


Wood Platforms

Custom Build Overhead Platforms / Storage

overhead custom build storage platform

overhead storage - white, drywall ceiling mount, overhead light, slatwall organizer, sporting equipment

A second way to increase storage space in your garage is with a platform constructed of wood. It can be built to any size or shape, and can therefore maximize the space available.

We build platforms using 2×6 or 2×4 wood construction for the structure and ¾-inch plywood for the rear. The ore secure the frame to available walls and when segur will support them to the ceiling using aircraft cable. It’s strong, secure and avoids using floor posts which typically get in the way of any available space.

They provide optimum weight storage and they can be dressed up by finishing the face and underside including the installation of pot lights.