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Time for a garage makeover? Have questions about garage flooring? Perhaps you want to know exactly why the quality of garage wall storage systems is important.

You know you want a more functional garage, a place where you can park your car, store all those things that don’t fit into the house, and maybe even carve out a workshop for yourself. However, you don’t know what exactly is involved.

Every six months you dread opening up your garage to pull out your gardening tools or find your snowblower. You almost would rather have a weed-filled garden or shovel by hand than tackle the mess that’s your garage. Even thinking about it fills you with stress.

If this is you, you have “seasonal garage anxiety disorder” – and there’s only one way to cure it.

Get the garage organized.

But you already know that. That’s why you’re here. You’ve taken a look at the website and you’ve seen a whole lot of choices, options and transformations. But before you invest a significant chunk of your hard earned money you want to make sure that you’re choosing the right company.

We could tell you that Nuvo Garage is that right company, but we think it would be better to show you. And for that we’ve created Garage View from Nuvo, a blog and newsletterthat looks at:

  • The technical side of garage organization (slat walls versus cabinets versus custom designed work),
  • Organizational tips (like how to create distinct functional areas within the garage) and,
  • Real stories about other garage makeovers (from our amazingly happy clients).

So check out the latest Garage View from Nuvo in the sidebar, sign up to get the tips directly in your email inbox (also in the sidebar), or dive into the Garage View from Nuvo archives by checking out the different categories (also listed over on the right).

And if you have specific questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page then Contact Us with your specific garage challenges.