Frequently Asked Questions

My garage is a mess. I’d like to tidy it up but how do I get started?
Ah, …this is a problem that faces many homeowners as they begin to think about the annual spring cleanup. This is a perfect time for a discussion about how to take control of your garage space and make it a practical, tidy and clean environment from which to store and organize the many things required to maintain your home and garden! And it also means that you”ll be able to park your cars in their rightful place!

The most difficult task is one that actually requires no physical effort. It’s a mental exercise, because you need to decide what you longer need or use. There are three basic rules:

  • If it can’t be used, or has no value, toss it.
  • If you no longer need it, or plan to use it, give it away or sell it.
  • If you need it and use it, keep it.

My garage is a disaster zone as it is filled with a lot of stuff that I no longer need or use. How can I possibly fit both cars and all my stuff in the garage?
Don’t worry, your situation is not unique as many people have the similar challenge. We’d start by asking you to sort the things that are of no value to anyone, things that others may use, and things that you want to retain. Then we’d arrange for the junk to be removed, and if you like, the things to be donated, and finally we’d organize the things that you want to keep.

I’ve heard that if it can’t be used, or has no value, toss it. But what happens if I someday need what I toss today?
Be ruthless and avoid the typical trap “I may use this someday.” There are lots of companies that will gladly come to your home to take away your junk for a fee, or you can take it to the junkyard yourself and pay a fee based on weight. Junk removal companies and junkyards will take almost anything except hazardous waste (chemicals like paint, or electronics like computers). Your city will have a place where you can take this type of junk and drop it off at no charge. Some, like “Toxic Taxi” in Toronto will even pick it up for free.

Once I’ve sorted all the stuff and decided what to keep – how do I organize it?
That’s an easy one!

  • Think about how frequently, or when, you use things;
  • Organize by season, purpose and occasion;
  • Try and get everything off of the floor and on to the walls or ceiling.

Getting everything off the floor is important as it affords you the opportunity to get your cars in the space for which they were originally intended. If you’re handy, you can build your own shelves, and even systems to hang your tools etc. off the wall. Something as simple as 2?x4? pieces of lumber affixed to your walls will work. Just add long nails or screws and you’ll be able to hang most tools.

If you’re not that handy, give us a call.

My tools are all over the place and I may even have 2 or 3 of the same tool. Do you have anything to help store tools?
I’d recommend that we install some cabinets. They come in multiple door heights – 3” is the most common one for tools as they lay flat and are easy to see and access when you pull out the drawer. We have 6” and 9” which are very suitable for power hand tools. The cabinets are made of either steel or laminate. The doors for the steel cabinets are either silver powder coated or stainless, while the laminate cabinets come in many colours.

What product do you use on the wall?
We use a heavy duty “slatwall” made of PVC. It is rated for 150 lbs./foot, fulfills Canadian Fire Code standards, and comes in 5 colours – beige, white, off white, grey, pine and cedar.

My walls are concrete block. How will you attach the slatwall to make sure that it is secure?
We’ll frame your concrete wall with 2” x 4” wood studs secured to your wall and then screw the panels into the studs.

My house is relatively new but the drywall in the garage has never been finished. Will you also finish and paint this for me?
Of course. We would recommend some slatwall to fulfil your organizational needs, and then finish and paint your drywall in a colour to compliment your slat wall. We’ll even help you select the colour if you like.

Do I need to apply slatwall to cover all of walls?
From a practical point of view, no. We need to ensure that your car(s) fit into the garage so things need to be stored to accommodate this. Typically, we’d use the entire back wall and the sides of either wall at a height that is above the car, and store things like long hand tools that will be inside the “return” of your garage. However, if you wanted to make your garage completely water resistant, and be most aesthetically pleasing, we would go from ceiling to floor with the slatwall.

What accessories do you sell to organize things on the slatwall?
We sell a combination of hooks, baskets, and shelves. Most feature a patented locking system that ensures that the hook, basket or shelf remains fixed while an item is removed. This is just another way to ensure the safety of your family when in the garage.

I have the original single light bulb in my garage. Can you change my lights so as to give me more light?
Yes, we would have our licensed electrician convert your lighting system to an environmentally friendly one that fulfills your need for more light.

My garage floor is a mess. It’s pitted with lots of little cracks. What can you do to improve it?
We have two options, in no particular order; we can apply a heavy duty interlocking PVC tile directly on top of your floor. The floor actually “floats” on top of your floor and no adhesive is used. It will keep your floor mold and mildew-free while at the same time completely transforming it as it comes in multiple colours and finishes, and can be formed to create designs or borders. The second option would be to apply an epoxy finish. We would thoroughly clean your floor, fill the large cracks, then apply the epoxy. It too comes in multiple colours and finishes.

Will you come to my house to give me an estimate?
Absolutely, and at no cost or obligation. We’ll inventory your contents, discuss your needs, take a few photographs and return a detailed estimate to you. Depending on the complexity of the task, this process could take 2 hours or at the latest, 2 days.

What does a typical garage transformation cost?
While garages of the same car space (1 car, 2 cars etc) may vary slightly in size, no two are the same as no two customers are the same. Each garage is designed specifically to satisfy the storage, organizational and budgetary needs of the customer.

So…does Nuvo Garage do everything?
We sure do! …from the removal of junk, hazardous chemicals and reusable items, to the storage of items that need to remain, to the custom design of your specific garage needs. Let us know what you need, or want, and together work out how we can help you.