The key to better looking garage floors

Garage Flooring - stylish, easy to clean and installThe appearance of winter’s snow, slush and salt make unsightly garage floors a whole lot harder to ignore. Unfortunately, you can’t do much about the elements, but you can certainly improve the look of your garage floor with the right garage flooring solution.

The Polyguard Polyaspartic One Day Flooring System comes in a range of colours so you get to choose just how camouflaged winter’s debris becomes! You’ll be glad to know that this system also protects concrete floors from corrosive elements including the season’s biggest culprit – salt.

Modular Interlocking Floor Tiles are another great option that allow you to maintain a clean garage floor year-round without too much labour. Made from rugged and resilient PVC, this system is great for hiding existing unsightly stains and minor cracks in your concrete floor. When the tiles start to look a little grubby, simply hose off or power wash. You’ll have them squeaky clean in no time.

Both of these flooring options involve a pretty quick installation process that can be carried out any time of year. If you need a hand deciding which garage flooring solution is right for you, give us a call. We carry them both, and we’d be glad to answer any questions.

Build a Strong Foundation & Organize from the Ground Up in the Garage

So, we’ve looked at how if left untreated, the garage floor will develop cracks and corrosion which will encourage you to ignore the space and will demotivate you from maintaining an organized garage.

Plus an untreated, uncovered garage floor is just down right ugly. You’ve worked hard to coordinate the whole house – time to bring the garage into the picture and make it beautiful.

So, what can you do? Easy.

  1. Coat the floor with a polyaspartic garage floor coating.
    This better-than-epoxy low VOC option creates a strong seal that resists cracks and corrosion, stops dust from rising and adds a decorative touch to the space. (Low VOCs mean breathing easier in and around the house.)
  2. Lay floating PVC garage flooring tiles.
    Tell the world that you take good care of the biggest room in the, with a solution that many of our clients have chosen.

Once you get the floor cleared and covered, you’ll likely find yourself driven to organize and beautify the rest of the space. Stay tuned! We’ve got more tips coming up!

From the Ground Up – Thinking About Your Garage Floor

Keeping the biggest room in the house clean and tidy starts with the foundation – in this case the floor. And yet most people don’t think about how difficult a basic concrete floor makes cleaning, especially when cars or powertools drip oil, or someone spills paint.

You know what I mean…

  1. You have cracks in the concrete floor. (You wouldn’t step over a crack in the kitchen floor, would you?)
  2. Rain, winter salt and dirt are wearing down the surface. (You protect your dining room floor with a coat of varnish. Doesn’t the garage deserve the same?)
  3. Dust and grime seem to generate out of thin air. (Actually, they come from the concrete which releases dust as it ages.)

By leaving your concrete floor bare you make keeping the rest of the garage neat and tidy difficult.

So, what to do? Come back for the next post to find out what a options exist for decent garage flooring and what fixing the floor will do for the rest of the garage.

Meanwhile, check out our Nuvo Garage transformations to see what options exist for your floor.