What is it that Professional Garage Designers Do?

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If you’ve ever undertaken a large renovation job in your home, such as the kitchen, bathroom or basement, it’s likely you’ve hired a professional to do the job. Usually only the die-hard do-it-yourselfer with a lot of experience will tackle that type of project. But when it comes to the garage, many people think a few tools and a trip to the big-box store to pick up some simple shelving, cabinets and maybe an epoxy floor coating will do. There’s nothing wrong with what they sell there, but the problem is it’s likely not going to stand up to the test of time and use. A professional garage designer has access to the most durable products specifically designed for garages and the equipment, tools and expertise to create an organized garage that will last a lifetime.


What to expect when hiring a garage designer?


Space visualization

During a consultation a professional garage designer will see the potential of the garage. After doing hundreds of garage renovations, I can easily envision what’s possible in a space. Garages are much more than just four walls and a floor. They’re rarely square and a professional will immediately spot areas to maximize storage. Often there are indentations, or areas such as space above the garage door or on the ceiling to create shelves or overhead storage.


Engineering skills

Your garage professional will know about weight/load capacity. Shelving can be custom-designed and built to make the most efficient use of space while supporting a maximum amount of weight and protecting your loved ones and vehicles from damage.


Design skills

Garages can be beautiful too. A garage professional will pay attention to the look of the space just like any interior designer would for a room inside your home. Choosing a combination of colours and finishes for the wall, floor, cabinets and shelves can really enhance the overall look of the space. Also, an experienced professional will be able to offer suggestions to solve any design dilemma.



If you’ve done DIY projects, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of starting a job and realizing you don’t have the right tool. A garage professional will have tools and equipment needed to complete a quality job. One essential piece of equipment for finishing the floor is a commercial cement floor grinder. In order to achieve a floor coating that will last, the floor needs to be ground down to remove pitting and other imperfections. A floor grinder is an expensive piece of equipment that is usually not available to rent. A nail gun, the right saws and screwdrivers also make for an easier job. Unless you’re doing a lot of construction projects, it’s unlikely you’ll have these types of tools on hand.



There are a lot of things involved in renovating a garage that are not always considered by the average homeowner. Garage professionals know about things such as construction codes, checking moisture levels in concrete before applying a floor coating, and have access to trades such as plumbers and electricians. They can also easily estimate how much space you’ll need to store things. You may look at all your gardening equipment and figure you’ll need a lot of storage room while an expert will know immediately that you’ll only need about six feet of space.

So the choice is up to you. Do you want a temporary solution or do you want to make an investment in your garage that will last?


Top Ten Garage Faux Pas


There are a myriad of reasons to organize your garage with customized storage systems from Nuvo Garage. There’s the obvious convenience of being able to use your garage for what it was intended – parking your car – particularly on those snowy mornings when you’ve got better things to do than scrape off snow and ice in minus 30 temperatures while waiting for it to warm up.


bicycle damaged by car in driveway - lack of garage storage systemThen there’s the satisfaction of having a designated space for everything from tires to gardening equipment, camping gear, bikes and power tools.  That means finding what you need when you need it. This can be accomplished with customized overhead storage shelves suspended from the ceiling, on slatwall outfitted with CamLok™ hooks or by installing Hercke, Onex or CTECH cabinet systems. A Nuvo Garage renovation will ensure your perfect garage and most likely mean you’ve got the nicest garage in your neighbourhood.


But one of the main reasons to consider a garage renovation is to avoid the ten most common garage faux pas that are easily avoided, usually in only two days, with one of our custom designed transformations.


  1. The rake between the eyes – a danger when rakes don’t have a designated space to hang on the wall.
  2. The rollerskate/skateboard underfoot slide – a common hazard for parents of active, occasionally sloppy children.
  3. The excess tool inventory – the rapid multiplying of shovels, rakes and brooms that is a consequence of being unable to find what you need, when you need it.
  4. The old paint-can-on-the-head spill – from perilously storing paint in hard to reach places.
  5. The flat tire – because the cardboard box that housed your nails got damp and soggy and fell apart.
  6. The dust pit– caused by pitted, unfinished concrete garage floors.
  7. The scratch and dent – a consequence of squeezing your car into a cluttered, messy space.
  8. The wall bump – occurs after stumbling around in a poorly lit garage.
  9. The broken thing – obliterated when the ladder that leaned against the wall crashed down on it. But at least it was only stuff.
  10. The broken promise – happens after you’re unable to find the tent and cooking stove you said your neighbours could borrow for the long weekend.


Let us help you avoid these and many other garage pitfalls and make your life easier.  At Nuvo Garage, our garage renovations are designed to maximize storage and organize your belongings efficiently.


Our renovations can be completed in as few as two days so that your life isn’t disrupted.

Safely Storing Garden Equipment

garden tools storage - wall organization systems, lockable garage cabinets, hooks, basketsSafety is one of the key benefits to having a proper storage system for your gardening equipment and supplies.  Without a system, it’s not uncommon to find tools big and small lying around, presenting a hazard.


A garage outfitted with slatwall and professional hooks allows you to hang more than one tool on each hook and know that when you pull one tool off, the hook and the other tools will stay put.  For homeowners who have small children or animals, proper storage of sharp gardening equipment and poisonous chemicals is especially important.  You can bang a nail into a wall but tools are not very secure.


Different tools require different storage solutions. I find that garden tools fall into three categories:


The first is long-handled tools like rakes and shovels. You can lean them against a wall but they fall over each other and present a serious safety hazard if stepped on.


Putting these tools on hooks and pointing anything sharp towards the wall makes it much safer for anyone entering the garage. Plus, once you give it a spot, you tend to put it back in that home.  If it doesn’t have a spot, people are apt to put it anywhere there’s a space.  Another thing to consider is the height of the hook; tools should be hung at eye level and not overhead.


Second is smaller hand tools like shears, claws, trowels, etc.  Tools that are used for digging often have sharp edges and present a danger if they’re not stored properly.  To keep them out of curious hands, they can be stored on hooks or in baskets that are six feet off the ground.


The third category is electrical tools such as hedge trimmers and leaf blowers.  When both the equipment and their extension cords are left on the floor, they present a tripping hazard.  When they’re hung on a hook, they don’t have a chance of being wrapped around someone’s ankle.


Supplies, fertilizers, items for pest control and plant food can also be dangerous if they’re not stored properly.  Lockable cabinets are one solution for keeping them safe, but baskets and shelves are also an option as long as they can be installed out of reach.


Having a garage that’s properly organized will result in peace of mind because you know that everything is safety stored.

Tidy Tool Storage

3 hook tool rack
Often, people hang tools sharp side out. Hang sharp side towards the wall to prevent personal injury to family members.

So many tools, so little space.  Even in the biggest garages, tools and gardening equipment often start to take over.  And why does that rake always seem to threaten to fall on you every time you open the car door?

Start by sorting your tools into groups.  Put all the gardening equipment together in one area of the garage.  Hang rakes and shovels on lockable hooks with the sharp side towards the wall.  That way you’ll know they’re secure.

Don’t hang tools on nails hammered into boards – it’s an accident waiting to happen.  A slatwall system is a great solution because hooks and baskets can be safely locked into place.

Electric tools, such as lawnmowers and weed whackers can also be hung on locking hooks with their extension cords wrapped and stored neatly on hooks beside them.

Smaller tools with holes in the handle are easily stored on hooks.  That way you’ll always be able to find what you need when you need it.

Tools for woodworking or home maintenance, such as drills and saws, can also be neatly stored in the garage.  Any tool with a handle can be hung safely and securely and easy to find.

Smaller items (especially tools for a car enthusiast) should be stored in a cabinet with shallow drawers.  Place the tools in one layer so you can see them easily.  Line the bottom of the drawer with a rubber membrane mat to prevent the tools from sliding around.

Next time we’ll discuss making room for a workbench in the garage, so you can store and use your tools in one place.

In the meantime, give us a call. We’ll help you find a solution to all your garage storage needs.