Does your garage have a purpose?

Floor Cabinets - GarageWhen you ask the right questions, you’re more likely to find the right solutions.  So, what can your garage do for you?  If you don’t know, don’t read on.  If, however, you believe your garage can protect your vehicle from the elements, not to mention vandalism, keep going.

Picking up where we left off last post, for weeks your garage has been a hard-to-navigate maze of bicycles, garden supplies and more.  How do you restore order?

  1. Purge!  If you no longer need it, let it go.  Give it to a neighbour, sell it at a yard sale, take it to a charity store, or, if it’s broken, send it straight to the dump.
  2. Dispose!  In the interest of safety and space, get rid of empty or near-empty containers of paint, pesticides, motor oil and other hazardous substances by following municipal guidelines.
  3. Organize! With excess items removed, you’re ready to clear the floor by maximizing the walls and ceiling for storage. For some, a two-by-four and a nail work wonders but if you’re looking for a little more functionality, check out our selection of shelves and cabinets.
  4. Park that car!  It’s what your garage was designed for, after all!