The Secret to Taming Garage Storage Chaos

In almost every home, garage storage is a fancy phrase that means “opening the door and tossing it into the void.” We know the garage is designed to keep the car safe from theft, vandalism and the weather and yet we fill it up, especially in winter when piles of not-yet-recycled Christmas boxes hide our outdoor tools or we can’t even get into the garage for the sports equipment that has created a nest for itself just inside the door.

It’s enough to cause despair of ever having a well-kept yard or putting the car in there again one day.

I know that feeling – I see it everywhere I go. It’s called “seasonal garage anxiety disorder” and it can defy all attempts to create garage storage systems.

But don’t worry, there’s something you can do that will make your garage infinitely more functional. Something that you can do right now. Something that will help you figure out what you really want.

(And no, it’s not pick up the phone and call us in to do some garage storage design – although that will help too).

Change how you think about your garage.

We all see the space as something outside the house, something not related to the other rooms in the house, and yet that is exactly what it is.

A room.

Just as you would never let your kitchen get so full of stuff that you can’t enter it, if you think of your garage as another room in the house with its own purpose you’ll stop seeing it as a dumping ground. So why force one of the most valuable assets we own (our car) to sit outside of the room built specifically to house it?

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll start throwing things out and finding homes for the rest when you make this simple mental shift.

And to help you make this change in thought patterns go check out our Frequently Asked Questions section to find out how you can start tossing out the junk and reorganizing what you have left.

NuvoGarage Applications – Locker

A Locker

3 car garage, aurora - golf locker, garage cabinets lockable, overhead storage, electrical panelEllen G was desperate. Her son was a sports fanatic but an untidy – and in her words “smelly” – sportsman stemming from all the equipment that he used, including:

  • hockey sticks,
  • skates,
  • helmets, and
  • pads.

As well as football gear including:

  • yet another helmet,
  • more pads, and
  • another complete outfit.

He also kept

  • tennis rackets, and
  • basketballs

(Thank goodness the basketball hoop was outside the house).

Ellen G finally had to let her son use the spare room as “his locker” but the more space he had the more “stuff” he accumulated and the worse the mess got.

Finally Ellen G stand it no longer. She contacted us and within 3 days we had everything off the floors and on the walls – everything was visible and easy to have access to.

Although her son was at first furious with his mother for touching his stuff, when he saw how much more space he had – he had a change of heart without having to have a change of habits.