Spring ahead – a place for everything and everything in its place

Spring Cleaning & Organizing GarageIn keeping with the spring clean theme, let’s move from floors and talk about wall organizers and shelves.  Spring is here, and you need your garage to be functional.

  • First, purge.  Go through the contents of your garage and if you haven’t used it in three years – get rid of it.  Have a garage sale, or donate items to a local charity.  Make sure you take items such as paints or chemicals to the hazardous waste disposal facility in your area.

  • Spring forward – Move the winter shovels, toboggans and bags of de-icer to allow everyone in the family easy access to garden tools and supplies, bicycles, golfing equipment and other summer items.  Have a look at our specialty storage solutions to make sure even the kids can easily grab their bikes and sports equipment.

  • Organize items in zones, putting like items together in one easy-to-reach area.  That’s the beauty of the slat wall system.  It’s easy to add baskets and hooks to keep gardening tools and supplies, sports equipment, etc. in their place.  One basket can hold windshield wiper fluid and other car needs, and another can hold potting soil and fertilizer, while yet another can neatly organize golf shoes.  Keep visual clutter to a minimum with one of our cabinet storage systems.

Next month, we’ll talk more in depth about these effective storage solutions.


Easy Spring Cleaning in your Organized Garage

polyaspartic flooring system

At this time of year, many of us think about giving our homes a spring clean but what about the garage?

For months, you’ve been driving salt and slush into this outdoor space, so the floor is the first thing to tackle in the garage.

Dirt stuck in cracks in the garage floor will never come out, that’s why it’s important to have a quality floor coating. In a previous post we talked about choosing flooring options. Nuvo Garage uses a polyaspartic flooring system that will resist cracks and abrasions for years to come and is 4x more durable than epoxy flooring.  And, this flooring is easy to maintain too.

Here’s how to maintain your polyaspartic flooring system:

  • Use a strong bristle broom to sweep away all loose debris and dust
  • Fill a bucket with hot water and add a few drops of dishwashing detergent, preferably one that contains a de-greaser, such as Palmolive
  • Pour the solution on to the garage floor and scrub with your broom. For more aggressive spots such as oil, use a little Varsol and scrub thoughly.
  • Rinse the floor thoroughly with clean water and remove excess water with a sponge-head mop or shop vac.

With a little TLC, a floor from Nuvo Garage will look like new each spring.

If you need more help getting your garage ready for spring and summer, give us a call.