1 Car Garage – North Toronto


Current Garage Situation:
  • Typical 1 car garage in North Toronto bungalow (10’W x 20’D x 9’H)

  • Concrete block construction, heavily pitted floor

  • Cluttered, messy, disorganized, and not enough space to accommodate tools tools/toolboxes for bike maintenance and repair, let alone parking a vehicle

  • Customer had NEVER parked a car in his garage

  • Difficult to find, let alone get access to things in the garage

Customer Needs:
  • 7 bikes, gardening tools, hand tools and tool boxes, winter tires, seasonal decorations, workbench and of course, a car (and not just any car, a brand new 300 series BMW)

  • Avid cyclist and very particular about the care of his bikes, and of his new car

NuvoGarage Intervention:
  • Waste/Garbage removal – assisted with removal of junk and unwanted/needed items

  • Custom design to accommodate customer needs

  • Solution included custom build as well as more standard slatwall and organization accessories

  • Overhead storage shelves from: side to side above garage door and in center of garage from side to side

  • Side wall storage shelves along right wall to fully utilize width and depth available

  • Folding workbench including new worklight to allow for space for bike maintenance and repair while at the same time allowing for the vehicle to be parked in the garage

  • Foam board along left wall to protect car door when opened

  • Installed heavy duty pvc floor tiles over existing floor to improve visual appeal, reduce dust, and facilitate easier cleaning and maintenance

Time to Complete:
  • 2 days

  • Approximate Cost:
    • $4,000

    Customer Comments:

    TestimonialWe live in a small bungalow in North York with a 1 car garage and not a lot of available storage space in our house. And, I just bought a new BMW and wanted to keep it protected in our yet unused 1 car garage that could barely accommodate my bikes, let alone everything else that we piled into it. We thought that we best leave this challenge to a specialist and contracted Nuvo Garage to help us with our storage dilemma. Two days later, not only were we able to park the car in the garage, but also store my bikes and all the required tools including a folding workbench! Additionally, their plan afforded us the opportunity to safely store our gardening tools and hand me down clothes. Nuvo used every available inch of space including the ceiling. Thanks Rick and Nuvo Garage!Testimonial

    Transformation Story:

    If you just purchased a brand-new sports car, you probably wouldn’t want to leave it sitting on your driveway where it was vulnerable to the elements, even theft.

    Say you’re also an avid cyclist who has seven bikes and assorted equipment. You would want to store them securely in space that allowed for easy access. Now picture trying to cram seven bicycles and accessories, as well as a car, into a garage that measures 10 feet by 20 feet.

    That’s the situation I was called into recently.

    When I arrived to take a look at this one car garage in a north Toronto bungalow, I saw a space that was packed with bikes and tools. It was cluttered and disorganized. It wasn’t until this visit I learned that the client had never parked in his garage, but with the purchase of a new 300 series BMW, it was imperative that the garage have room for his car.

    I found out that not only did we have to find room for the car and seven bicycles, our client wanted to store gardening tools, hand tools, winter tires, seasonal decorations and have a workbench where he could repair the bikes. If we couldn’t do the renovation as required, either the car would have to sit in the driveway during the harsh Toronto winter or the bikes would have to be stored in the house, which made them much less accessible and neither was ideal. A job like this required a custom solution and meant that we had to use every single available inch of space.

    The first task was to identify space for the bikes. I hung two rows of slatwall along the back wall, where five of the bikes are now hanging. The remaining two bikes are on the right hand side of the garage and inside the side clearance so as to leave space for the car..

    You’ll see that on the right hand side of the garage there’s a column. The space on either side lent itself perfectly to shelves for tools and clear storage boxes. Although the ceiling height was just nine feet, we built a custom overhead shelf for storage of ladders, some seasonal decorations and bicycle pumps as well as a custom built platform above the garage door opener for storage of larger items like the bicycle hitch for the car and sleds.

    We used a row of slatwall on the left to hold the garden tools. There’s even a rectangle of pink foam on the left hand side of the garage to protect the car door when it’s opened. We also installed heavy duty PVC floor tiles as the concrete floor was pitted. This improves the visual appeal, reduces dust, and makes it easier to clean.

    But there was one more thing our client wanted: a workbench. Even without the shelving and the bikes, there was simply no room for a traditional workbench. So I came up with a folding workbench that lays flat when not in use. There’s even a light.

    We completed the job in two days for approximately $4,000 and the client was thrilled.