2 Car Garage – South Oakville

Installed steel cabinet and portable workbench

PolyAspartic Flooring to improve appearance and eliminate dust

Installed ceiling storage to accommodate Thule


Current Garage Situation:
  • Messy, disorganized space

  • Lots of stuff

  • Outdated cabinetry

Customer Needs:
  • Give everything its place

  • Improve functionality and appearance

NuvoGarage Intervention:
  • Designed and created colour-coordinated metal garage storage cabinets (in steel) that included a ‘portable workbench’ to accommodate storage and function needs
  • Installed garage ceiling storage to accommodate thule
  • Installed ‘1 day’ garage floor coating to improve aesthetic appearance and eliminate concrete dust
  • Painted ceiling, doors, casing and wall behind cabinets
  • Installed slat wall panels and organizational slat wall accessories to organize contents off the floor, and by ‘type of use’
Time to Complete:
  • 3 weeks

  • 6 weeks for custom cabinetry

Approximate Cost:
  • $20,000

2 Car Garage – South Oakville – TRANSFORMATION

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Steel cabinet

“One day” floor
coating system

Ceiling Storage








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