2 Car Garage – Willowdale


Current Garage Situation:
  • 2 Car Garage
  • Some storage set up but not enough
  • Difficult to access what they needed because things were on top of each other.
Customer Needs:
  • Make room for additional car
  • Accommodate 2 sets of tires
  • Keep all storage requirements out of sight
  • Make room for fridge and TV
  • Completely finish including floor – high end look
  • Make the garage a place to show off car and have a few beers with the boys (plus accommodate storage needs for all other stuff)
NuvoGarage Solution:
  • Custom design to accommodate customer needs
  • Solution included car lift, cabinets, custom platform storage, custom and removable box to hide water infrastructure, movement of plumbing and central vacuum, painting and lighting
  • Colour matched slatwall, floor and cabinets to complement external stone of the home
  • Installed “polyaspartic” floor to improve visual appeal, reduce dust, and facilitate easier cleaning and maintenance.
Time to Complete:
  • 5 days
Approximate Cost:
  • $24,000
Customer Comments:

TestimonialI was looking for a solution that met all of our storage requirements, but at the same time, a show piece for my home. Rick’s design and product selection, together with attention to detail, and constant presence on site, created the ideal result that we were looking for. I can now have my friends over to share a few beers and check out my car in the comfort of my garage without really feeling like it is a garage.Testimonial

Transformation Story:

2 Car Garage – Willowdale

2 car garage willowdale showcase - 4 post hydraulic car lift, garage cabinets, polyaspartic garage flooring, overhead platform storage, tire storage, satinless steel work station, flatscreen tv fixture
2 car garage willowdale - 4 post hydraulic car lift, garage cabinets, overhead platform tire storage, polyaspartic garage flooring, finished drywall walls & ceiling
2 car garage willowdale - garage cabinets

Nuvo Garage recently transformed a client’s ordinary north Toronto two-car garage in into a showpiece.

The home had been built in Willowdale less than five years earlier, but the two car garage was relatively small, measuring 19’W x 20’D x 10’H. The walls were finished and the concrete floor was in pretty good shape. There was slatwall along the back from a previous company, but the installation was pretty haphazard and wasn’t filling their needs.

The couple wanted room not only for their two expensive cars, but for a third high end sports car. The husband wanted the garage to be a place he’d be proud to show off and wanted the garage completely finished from top to bottom. Their requests included room for a television and refrigerator so the husband could watch games there with his friends (while showing off the garage and car). The final product had to be both aesthetic and functional.

To accommodate the sports car that he’d been storing off-site, we selected 4 post lift with 220 volt motor and hardwired it to the client’s home electrical panel. We elevated the garage doors to maximum ceiling height and installed a “jack shaft” operating mechanism to remove the center bar and chain mechanism.

The client didn’t want anything he was storing to be in plain view, so we installed Onex cabinets in ‘linen’ along the entire back wall, with a combination of lockers and a work station. We allowed room in the center for a plasma TV and modified a lower cabinet to fit a small bar fridge. The cabinets all have sliding doors so they can be accessed when the cars are parked in the garage.

To store the two sets of tires, we created a platform along rear wall above the cabinets. The platform has a finished face and underside with potlights. We painted the walls, ceiling and platform to match, installed trim around windows and doors and painted to complement the cabinet and floor colours.

The flooring we chose was a “polyaspartic” floor to improve visual appeal, reduce dust, and facilitate easier cleaning and maintenance.

We also created a removable cover to hide the water system, moved a plumbing outlet to be housed inside the cabinets, elevated the central vacuum to create more headspace when exiting a parked vehicle and installed fluorescent fixtures and lamps to provide ample lighting.

The cost was approximately $24,000 and it took about a week to complete.